Pijaashig – Bienvenido – Bienvenu – Welcome

It hasn’t been the same without you.

Welcome to this eclectic collection of ideas that is in the Turtles Wake, which was previously theAbysmal, which, appropriately enough, doesn’t exist. theAbysmal was a repository for information related to time and timekeeping. It stemmed out of a search for the Tree of Life in literature and mythology.

Really, though, in retrospect, it all this is all result of the events begun on that notorious date, July 11th, 1990.

Does that date mean anything to you? It took place in Ka’nehsatà:ke at the intersection of the Kanà:tso and Kaniatarowanénhne rivers, also known as Oka, Québec, Canada.

I was born in Tiotia:ke, land of the Kanien’kehá:ka of the Haudenosaunee, , but have been living close to Asinabka on the Kitchissippi, in unceded Anishinaabe territory. in the Eastern Woodlands of Turtle Island My heritage is Scot-French, and one long root of my family tree has been on Turtle Island for about 400 years. That’s about as long as Settler-Colonists have been in that part of the world, which is still as nothing compared to the Native Peoples who have been here since creation. I’ve visited France and Scotland, and felt a connection there, but my heart, my spirit is from this place, with its long Winter, volatile Spring, sweltering Summer, and crisp Autumn. The Oka crisis crashed in on my understanding of the place, and forced me to look critically at the world I was in. That was the moment I began this journey to purge my caustic, oblivious entitlement, heal my mind, emotions, body, spirit, and slowly pull my head out of my ass.

It’s taking longer than expected, and the end is nowhere in sight.

In the process of digging into corners that tended to be ignored, I stumbled across the notion of calendar reform right around the time I first heard about the calendar of the Maya. In looking at different world calendars, I saw the intersection of ideas of time, myth, being, history, past, future, fate, destiny, as well as chronology. These are all very powerful narratives that define peoples.

The Hebrew Calendar, for example, is a Solar-Lunar Calendar, and their sacred day is Saturday. The Christian Calendar is a Solar Calendar with Sunday as the sacred day. The Islamic Calendar is a Lunar Calendar with Friday as the sacred day.

However, the Gregorian Calendar, the one we share globally, January 1st to December 31st, is increasingly replacing existing calendars. It was imposed on the world along with the Spanish, British, and American Empires, and its irregular structure, broken rhythm, and fractured myth are messing with our heads.

I mean this quite literally. The more I learn about neuroplasticity, the more I believe that using another calendar to mediate intercultural communication would help to cleanse our collective imaginations of this artifact of the Kingdom of Rome.

And so, without really knowing what I was doing, I pieced together functions of different calendar systems, and played with them to see if there wasn’t a better solution for all of us that allowed for diversity of daykeeping without imposing a myth or ideology.

The result, theAbysmal Calendar or the Syncretic Calendar (so indecisive, me) is meant to be a global means of communicating more easily between existing calendar systems, and to provide a numeric calendar aligned to the change in the position of the Sun throughout the Year which offers an abundance of ways to divide the year into even measures.

I have been following this calendar since 2007, and I can feel it in my viscera. It is more intuitive, and more importantly, it puts us back in synch with the day, the moon, and the seasons. The effect this has on one’s overall health cannot be overstated. Also dancing.

This site is a bit of a mess, as that is more or less my default state of mind. If I were able to write a simple linear explanation, I probably would have done so by now. Honestly, the fundamental expression of this journey from Oka to Asinabka can be summed up in the following symbol: