Pijaashig – Bienvenido – Bienvenu – Welcome

It hasn’t been the same without you.

IHere are a few things to take us forward into all the unknowns this particular period in history presents us. With a new storytelling medium, the Calendar, we have the means of creating narratives that connect us more richly to one another and the world around us.

Don’t believe me? I’m a big skeptic, and I’ve been incorporating this into my daily living, and the differences are palpable. It is one of the most astounding tools I’ve ever discovered.

We’re heading out of the 260 years of the Industrial Era, and into the Information Era. During these transitions in major historical eras, it’s important to remember to take the best of the past with us, and to leave behind that which no longer serves us.

Our current institutions are rigid and protective. This is the perfect role for them. They are responsible for keeping things stable, for keeping us safe and protecting what’s important to us. Although the time for reforms to all of our institutions has come, we only have our existing institutions to draw on. It’s a very novel time in history, and no one really knows what to expect, nor how best to face this uncertain future.

A new calendar would be a good start. A calendar that facilitates inter-cultural communication and mediation, one that allows for a wider diversity of calendars, one that doesn’t impose an unwelcome symbol system, one that’s easy enough to use.

That was the challenge I set for myself: What would an inclusive, cross-cultural calendar look like?