You don’t Elect Bureaucrats

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One Against All

What great overarching “thingness” is devouring all diversity?

I really began reflecting on this after reading a passage from one of Robert Bringhurst‘s talks (from the collection the Tree of Meaning):

The European colonists’ arrival in the New World marks the escalation of a war that had been fought in Europe and Asia for more than two millennia and continues even now. It is the war between those who think they belong to the world, and those who think that the world belongs to them. It is the war between the pagans, who know they are surrounded and outnumbered by the gods, and all the devotees of the number one – one empire, one history, one market, or one God – and who nowadays insist on the preeminence of everyone for himself: the smallest number one of all.

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the Utopia of Rules

The shape of our bureaucracy

The Utopia of Rules: On Technology, Stupidity, and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy 
by David Graeber

Introduction – the Iron Law of Liberalism and the Era of Total Bureaucratization

Bureaucracy has become the water in which we swim. Continue reading “the Utopia of Rules”