Sincerity and Conciliation

Asinabka, Outaouais/Ottawa,Québec/Ontario, Canada, Turtle Island


One of the questions that was hurled at me somewhere in the early 1990s had to do with the relationship between the Institutions of Canada (government, law, education, health care, trade, commerce, finance, etc.) and the First Peoples of Turtle Island. This was shortly after the Oka crisis, and I got to hear from the Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) as well as from the children of RCMP officers who had been on site. Having heard both sides, I thought hmmmm. And promptly left the country for a few years. Continue reading “Sincerity and Conciliation”


Farther from the Mad Crowd

Exploring Indigenous means to healthier individuals, families, and communities.

I’ve been stumbling across books serendipitously at the library, falling down a rabbit hole of threads. Of late, it’s been neurocognition – neuroplasticity in particular, as well as anthroplogy (although here I’m really getting in on the ground flood). The most recent thread in this quipu appeared suddenly with my reserved books at the library. I don’t recall having requested it, but that’s not uncommon. In Indigenous Healing by Rupert Ross describes the continuing effects of the residential schools on survivors and their children. Ross describes how native healing circles have proved the only successful means of bringing survivors, their families, and communities out of the cycles of addiction, violence, suicide.

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