Time gets Vague when Measured

Heisenberg Continues to Have a Say, I think.

Research recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which begins to get into the fuzzy, indeterminable nature of time when measured at very tiny intervals. The energy required to measure time at this scale is so great that it affects the results, much like in the early days of Quantum exploration, where measuring a particle’s location affected its velocity, and vice versa.


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Quantum Physics for Poets


Chapter 1 – If you’re not shocked, you haven’t understood

Observation and measurement is the ultimate defining activity; the act of measurement itself forces a system to choose one of its various possibilities. In other words, reality is not merely disguised by the fuzziness of an uncertain measurement-rather, it si wrong to even think about reality as yielding certainty in the conventional Galilean sense when one arrives at the atomic level of nature. … The electrons seem eerily to take both paths at once if nothing is watching, but a definite path if someone or something is watching! These are not particles and not waves-they are both and neither-they are something new: They are quantum statesContinue reading “Quantum Physics for Poets”