Numbering of the Mind

What numbers mean to non-mathemagicians Having gone through school with the magical number line on the wall of many of … Continue reading Numbering of the Mind


Defining Dimensions

String theory and others describe more dimensions than I can imagine, but it’s never kept me from trying. This video … Continue reading Defining Dimensions


Stages of Historical Ages

Still Riffing as we leap over the Two-Day Abyss

The riff on the Shape of History so far:

As a framing device, the 260-Year historical age continues to structure history – at least as far as the Americas are concerned – continues to resonate with events. As I’ve stated before, this isn’t an underlying “truth” that I’ve discovered, it’s Years of thinking in terms of the waves and cycles of the Maya calendar (and so, theAbysmal), and seeing civilization from their perspective. It has taken years to sink in to this point, where it’s like I’m having a “eureka” moment as these ideas all cohere into a vivid image.

What’s remarkable about all this is that it continues to follow a particular pattern (in my personal life as much as the historical age). And this pattern, time and again, seems to work well with the number 13. Continue reading “Stages of Historical Ages”


Fractal Time

Book notes that tie much of theAbysmal ramblings together. Fractal Time – the Secret of 2012 and a New World … Continue reading Fractal Time