Functional Syncretism

Blending of different beliefs – inspiration, appropriation, exploitation, recreation? First, a bit about Stories I love stories. Not like. Not … Continue reading Functional Syncretism


Settler Identity

Why “Canadian Identity”[tm] has been so evasive. The desperate need for Settlers to define themselves is palpable. We ask people … Continue reading Settler Identity


Story Trumps Structure

How to Write Unforgettable Fiction by Breaking the Rules


Story Trumps Strucutre: How to Write Unforgettable Fiction by Breaking the Rules 
by Steven James

Part I: the Essence of Story
Chapter 1: Desire

To uncover the plot of your story, don’t ask what should happen, but what should go wrong. To uncover the meaning of your story, don’t ask what the theme is, but rather, what is discovered. Characters making choices to resolve tension–that’s your plot. If your protagonist has no goal, makes no choices, has no struggle to overcome, you have no plot. Continue reading “Story Trumps Structure”


The Art of the Interview

Louis Theroux of the BBC Documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux uses a variety of techniques to engage potentially confrontational people (Westboro … Continue reading The Art of the Interview


Time Maps

Collective Memory and the Social Shape of the Past by Eviatar Zerubavel   Chapter 1 The Social shape of the … Continue reading Time Maps


How Stories Tell Us Who We Are

Tales of culture and history. I had the good fortune to read Frank McConnell’s Storytelling and Mythmaking (which I believe is … Continue reading How Stories Tell Us Who We Are


the Truth About Stories

Thomas King‘s Massey Lecture. Listen to the lectures on CBC. The Truth About Stories – A Native Narrative (2003) by … Continue reading the Truth About Stories