theAbysmal Calendar ~ the Lunisolar Calendar

Reigning in chaos.

The Lunisolar component of theAbysmal Calendar associates the Lunations with the Year. Each Year will have 12 or 13 Lunations, each Lunation is 29 or 30 Days long. As a result the Lunisolar Year will be 354 Days (+/- 1 Day) for 12 Lunations, or 384 Days (+/- 1 Day) for 13 Lunations.

Lunations are numbered 0 to 11 or 12, and Days of the Lunation are numbered 0 to 28 or 29.

The day when the Southern Solstice occurs determines Lunation 0 (on or about December 21st).

Day 0 for any given Lunation occurs on the New Moon in UTC.

Southern Solstice Year 0: December 21st 2012 CE, 11:12 UTC

Lunisolar Year 0: December 13th 2012 to December 2nd 2013

Year 0 Lunation 0: December 13th 2012 to January 10th 2013

Year 0 Lunation 0 Day 0: December 13th 2012

For further information about the dates for Lunations using UTC, visit the NASA – Moon Phases_ 2001 to 2100.

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