theAbysmal for Download

Although it’s not hard to make one.

Here are some of the files I’ve created over the months – these were meant to be wall calendars, however; a) I have no sense of design (notice the lack of colour), b) printing’s expensive.

[also, the documents are missing, but I’ll have Year 5 and something in place shortly. My apologies for the weak sauce that is this site in general.

Year 5 – 12 moons/13 months – (dec 18/dec 21 2017 – dec 20 2018)
Year 4 – 13 moons/13 months – (nov 29/dec 21 2016 – dec 20 2017)
Year 3  – 12 moons/13 months – (dec 11/dec 21 2015 – dec 20 2016)
Year 2 – 13 moons/13 months – (nov 22/dec 21 2014 – dec 20 2015)*
Year 1 – 12 moons/13 months – (dec 2/dec 21 2013 – dec 20 2014)*
Year 0 -12 moons/13 months – (dec 13/dec 21 2012 – dec 20 2013)

Here are a few generic calendars:
(these don’t include leap year or weekdays)

13 months
13 months, Wheel of the Year
Syncretic Wall Calendar – 13 Months

NASA tables of the Lunar Phase

*there was some question about which of these years had 13 months. The New Moon in 2014 fell on December 21st, which was the same day as the Solstice. The New Moon occurs before the solstice in order to be considered part of the year. In the case of 2014, the New Moon occurred a few hours after the Solstice, and so, the new moon on november 22nd belongs with year 2, whereas I might have had it with year 3.

theAbysmal Calendar
Perpetual 13-Month Calendar
Lunisolar Calendar
Calendar Symbolism
Chromatic Counter
Astronomical Facts
Abbreviations & Notation
Arguments for Calendar Reform
theAbysmal Calendar for Download



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